Wear Your Compassion on Your Sleeve


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We’re compassionate people with causes and messages to share. Why not wear gear that shows it?

Whether you’re passionate about helping animals, fighting hunger, or saving the environment, wearing t-shirts or carrying bags that tout organizations or messages we support is a great way to get the word out.

People ask about what you’re wearing, conversations are started, information is shared, and then…who knows? You just planted a seed in that person that might grow into action!

I’m starting to get quite a collection of shirts that show my support for animal causes, and I love wearing them around town.

I bought this t-shirt at Dolce Vegan in Florence, Italy (check out my Vegan in Italy post to read all about the amazing food!).

It says “Vegan per la liberazione degli animali” (“Vegan for the liberation of animals”):

wear compassion on your sleeveI also have several Farm Sanctuary shirts:

photo 1And I wear my Unchain Charleston shirt all the time to raise awareness of the program:

message shirts

Yep, those are vegan cookies!

Why not add some compassionate gear to your wardrobe? Here are some of my top picks for animal-friendly message gear:

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