50 Most Progressive


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I am honored and humbled to share this news: I’ve been named one of Charleston’s 50 Most Progressive by CHARLIE Magazine.

Screenshot 2014-06-23 09.11.50Screenshot 2014-06-23 09.13.52Check out the feature here, which went live today!

I’m so grateful to CHARLIE for giving me the opportunity to share my message of compassionate, vegan living with their readers.

The mission of my blog since the beginning has been to inform the community that cruelty-free choices are accessible to everyone, and that by putting a little thought and effort into our everyday decisions, we can make a huge, positive impact for animals, the environment, and ourselves.

As an added bonus to getting that message out there, I got to visit the animals at Cotton Branch Farm Animal Sanctuary in nearby Leesville, SC for the photo shoot! I loved getting to spend time with the rescued pigs, chickens, horses, goats, donkeys, and others who live at the sanctuary. Their individual personalities really shine through in the pictures!

I’m grateful to everyone involved, including Cotton Branch for letting us come visit, Corey Tenold, the photographer for the shoot, Amanda Rose, who did my cruelty-free hair and make-up, and fellow Unchain Charleston volunteer Evans Craddock, who did the write-up. Thank you all so much!

Here are some outtakes from the shoot:

To Progressive, Positive Awareness!