Meet Sarah

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At Cotton Branch Farm Animal Sanctuary

Hi there! I’m Sarah, the author of What I Vegan.

I’m an animal advocate living in beautiful Charleston, SC with my husband and four rescue fur babies.

I first learned about the horrors of factory farming in 2007, when I stumbled upon information online. I became vegetarian, and slowly worked my way from being (self-proclaimed) Miss Cheese to being vegan by November 2009.

Since then, I’ve discovered all the incredible food and products available to vegans, and I’ve also found my life’s passion: protecting animals.

I’m currently pursuing a master’s degree in Animal Policy and Advocacy, and when finished with school, I hope to work for a national or international animal protection organization.

I also volunteer with local and national animal protection groups, and I’m helping my husband with his brand new vegan business, A Better Batch.

When not working, volunteering, or eating vegan food, I can be found cheering for my alma mater’s football team, the Alabama Crimson Tide, reading novels, playing with my dog and three cats, and thinking about vegan food.

I love this compassionate, healthy, and Earth-friendly vegan lifestyle so much that I can’t wait to share how easy, fun, and accessible it is with you on the blog!

About the Blog:

As a vegan, I’m frequently asked “what do you eat?” and I definitely don’t mind telling people all about the delicious foods I enjoy!

Dell'z Uptown Vegan Jazzy Pizza

Dell’z Uptown Vegan Jazzy Pizza

But it’s not the same as showing them, so in the summer of 2011, I decided to start a Facebook album called “What I Eat” documenting some of the yummy meals I make at home and order at restaurants to help people understand what exactly vegans can eat (hint: it’s not just celery!).

Many of my friends and family loved the photos and encouraged me to start a blog…so I did! What I Vegan was born in June 2012.

I post pictures of what I eat, what I buy, what I wear – What I Vegan! I also feature vegan travel stories, recipes, musings and more.

In June 2013, I began my list of recommended vegan-friendly restaurants in Charleston, which I update frequently, and I’ve also become a regular guest on the local TV show Lowcountry Live, where I share vegan tips and info.

I hope you delight in seeing the ridiculously awesome food vegans can indulge in, and realize that you can indulge in it too! I have 5 tips for adding vegan food to your life that would be a great place to start!


9 thoughts on “Meet Sarah”

  1. Sarah, Thanks for sharing all this useful information. I fall into the veg-curious category, and I can’t wait to read and learn more.

    Congrats on launching such a useful website!

  2. Abby Moorehead Kuhn said:

    I read two of your posts. Love it!
    You have a witty writing style. Look forward to learning more about being Vegan.

  3. Hey Sarah! I just discovered your blog, and I love it!! My husband and I have been vegan for a year and a half and it’s been such a great thing for us. I’m really happy we made this choice. Anyway, I look forward to more of your posts. Celeste 🙂

  4. Sarah,
    Great blog and site! Thank you for all the Charleston vegan-friendly restaurant recommendations. My husband and I will be visiting July 1-3 for our anniversary. Congrats to you and Hanes on the year old cookie business!

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