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Follow me to Diggity Doughnuts and other vegan- and veg-friendly Charleston locales!

Follow me to Diggity Doughnuts and other veg-friendly Charleston locales!

I’ve had lots of requests from locals and visitors alike for a list of veg-friendly places to eat in Charleston.

That’s a tall order (and I’m a short person), but I wouldn’t let you down!

I’m excited to announce that I’ve created a page of my favorite veg-friendly Charleston restaurants and what I order at them just for you!

Whether you live here or are visiting for one of the many festivals the Holy City puts on, I hope you’ll find this list helpful.

Check it out:

Charleston Veg-Friendly Restaurants

Please note that this is not a comprehensive catalog of Charleston veg-friendliness, but a list based on my personal experiences.

I plan to update often as I eat at more restaurants and discover new fabulous vegan food! Please add places I should try in the comments below; I’d love your recommendations!

So go ahead, check out my list of Charleston Veg-Friendly Restaurants, then go out and get yourself an awesome vegan meal!

To Eating Veg in Chucktown!