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They can be very bad things. Consider the following, for example.

Bubble Shorts.



Shag Carpet.

Who EVER thought this was a good idea?

Who EVER thought this was a good idea?

The Atkins Diet (and other all-meat diets).

Ew. And didn't the founder of this "diet" die of a heart attack!?

Yes, it will cause weight loss, but also probably heart attacks. So there’s that.


Oh, shoulder pads.

Oh, shoulder pads.

But you know something that’s super trendy right now, that’s also good for animals, your health, and the planet we all share?

You smartie, you. How did you know?!

Yes, veganism is riding the trendy wave right now, and it is glorious.

More people than ever before are trying it out and reaping the benefits, thanks to its current “in” status.

427221_10151212278800895_1434609111_nJust one look at this Sunday’s Oscars, and it’s apparent how full-blown trendy the vegan diet is…

There are THREE vegans nominated for the little gold statue: Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, and Joaquin Phoenix.

Even the after party, catered by Meatless Monday practitioner Wolfgang Puck, is going to have “a strong focus this year on vegan dishes, including pizza, kale salad with grilled artichoke, and a beet salad with spiced walnut among others,” according to this Compassion Over Killing blog.

Um, yum!! Anyone happen to have an extra ticket for that affair that they’d like to give to this vegan blogger? 🙂

There are many more celebs apart from the three aforementioned glittering Oscar nominees who are eschewing animal products and fueling the fad too.

But what happens when the fad fails? When the hype dies down?


Why, you ask?

Because I believe that veganism will still be found and practiced by conscientious, compassionate people all over the world because there are so many truly powerful reasons to do it.

The founder of the new vegan publication Laika Magazine, Julie Gueraseva, beautifully articulated why it will weather the trend storm:

Compassion is not trendy, empathy is not trendy, justice is not trendy, non-violence is not trendy. These things are and have always been a part of us. They’re real. They can’t be compartmentalized under fictional labels. And they can’t be replaced with other trends. They’re here to stay, as long as we stay human and don’t turn into machines.”

(Read more of what she has to say in this great interview.)

I agree that values are not trendy, and if our values include treating everyone – including animals – with kindness, and taking care of ourselves, our families, and the Earth, veganism will never go away.

So celebrate veganism by throwing an Oscar-watching party this Sunday to cheer on the vegan nominees!

And look! I even have some recommendations on nibbles for the show:

Make any of the vegan cupcakes from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World (because they are ALL amazing) and do this with them! How cute!


Pop some popcorn and sprinkle generously with cheesy, yummy nutritional yeast. Just be careful when you’re eating it – it tends to make you cough if you accidentally breathe it in! No choking at your Oscar party!


Enjoy some movie theater vegan candy like Sour Patch Kids and Swedish Fish!


And don’t forget the bubbly! It always makes things festive.

To Not Wearing Shoulder Pads!