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Not very long ago, if you said the word “vegan” in a restaurant, the waiter or waitress would give you a blank stare.

The time’s, they are a-changin’.


Not once, but twice in the last two days, I’ve ordered food without ever muttering the v-word, and the people recognized, just from my order, that it was vegan!

Place #1: Qdoba Mexican Grill

I ordered the veggie burrito, no cheese, no sour cream. When I got to the cash register to pay, the guy said, “So, you doin’ the vegan thing?”

That started a brief conversation with him asking how long I’ve been vegan (three years), is it hard to do (No!), what kind of milk is my favorite (almond), etc.

I thought it was awesome that he recognized that my order was vegan without me even saying it, and that he seemed interested.

No blank stares here!

The fresh, flavorful veggie burrito featuring cilantro-lime rice, black beans, grilled peppers and onions, lettuce, salsa, and guacamole from Qdoba. Half sweet and half unsweet tea on the side…

Place #2: Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches

I ordered the vegetarian sub, “no cheese, no mayo, extra avocado spread.”

The guy behind the counter answered, “Ah, we got a vegan in the house!”

What, whaaaaatttt! 🙂 Yes, we do!

Jimmy John’s Vegetarian Sub with a super tasty avocado spread. Their menu says, “Truly a gourmet sub not for vegetarians only……….peace dude!”

What does it mean that people know what vegan is (and how to pronounce it), and that they recognize it when they see it, too?

It means that when you say you want to order a vegan dish at a restaurant, the person there will likely know what you mean and be able to help you.

They won’t look at you in a weird way, ask you what that means, or think you’re crazy.

“Vegan,” the word and the lifestyle, is becoming more and more mainstream.

When you choose a vegan meal, you’re not only helping animals, the planet, and your own health – which is super-hero-like enough! – but you are in very good company!

To mainstream vegan!


Olivia Wilde

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So many celebrities are going vegan in fact, that lists like these can’t keep up! Add Anne Hathaway, James Cameron, and – rumor has it – Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood to that list!