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I saw this fact in my Facebook feed the other day, and it stopped me in my tracks.

12.2% might not sound like a whole lot.

But when you think about how many animals that represents – how those animals didn’t suffer because of our compassionate choices – and the heart attacks prevented, and the air and water not polluted, it’s pretty darn exciting.

And when you think it was just in the last five years – the blink of an eye in the great big scheme of things – that’s even more exciting!

Change is happening fast.

And it’s not happening because of vegans and vegetarians alone. The number of vegetarians hasn’t risen dramatically in the last five years in the US.

So why is this taking place?

It’s happening because more and more people are choosing to eat fewer animal products.

Those Meatless Mondays you’re doing? Yep, that’s helping!

That cheese you decided not to add to your burrito? Yep, that’s helping too!

That almond milk you bought instead of cow’s milk? Yep, you got it  – that’s helping!

All those little choices you make? Yeah, they’re helping. In a huge way. They’re helping your health, our planet, and the animals.

They love you, they really love you!

I think a big THANK YOU is in order! A round of applause is coming from your arteries, the trees, and countless cows, chickens, and pigs!

And a big thank you from me. Wow, you’re awesome!

To keeping up the great work!


P.S. To read a brief, but in-depth, VegNews article on why this drop in meat consumption is happening, click here.