Fall is a busy time of year for me – work gets busier, football season revs up, and many of my volunteer commitments keep me constantly running around. Because of this, I’ll be doing one post per week, instead of my usual two – for now.

But….Great news! I have created a “What I Eat” photo album on my What I Vegan Facebook page.

What does this mean for you?

Here’s the very first picture featured in my album!

It means you don’t have to wait for blog posts to see mouth-watering pictures of the vegan food I enjoy – you can see it anytime you like on my Facebook page, which I’ll be updating often.

Just go to What I Vegan on Facebook, “like” the page, and you’ll see updates when I add to the album.

So go on! Like the page, and let the drooling begin!

To modern technology!