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There’s something I do every morning that takes about 30 seconds. This action:

  • alleviates human hunger
  • funds mammograms for underprivileged women
  • provides food to homeless veterans
  • gives free therapy to autistic children
  • provides free healthcare to children in need
  • gives free books to disadvantaged kids
  • saves almost a dozen square feet of the rainforest
  • gives free food to animal rescue organizations

What in the world could I possibly do to get all of that accomplished before a breakfast of vegan champions?!

Click my mouse.

TheAnimalRescueSite.com and its affiliate sites have advertisers, and when you click a button on their sites, those advertisers pay and the money goes straight to the causes.

That’s how it’s totally FREE for me to click and provide all that. Great idea, huh?

And SUPER easy. You can go to the site once a day and click on the purple button. Each FREE click provides food and care for a shelter animal.

Click today and every day!

Once you do, you can click on the other tabs at the top that say “Rainforest,” “Literacy,” “Autism,” and more, and click those too to provide funds for their various causes. There are eight in all.

Each site even has a store where you can purchase gifts like jewelry, clothes, home decor, fair trade items, and more, and that money goes to fund the causes too.

Want another way you can help animals, the environment, your health, and human hunger?

Go vegan! Or just incorporate vegan meals into your week, say on a Meatless Monday!

This is what I had for dinner last night:

A vegan crab cake from Whole Foods, with sauteed kale (made with Tamari soy sauce, garlic, and vegan Worcestershire sauce), and roasted sweet potatoes. Delicious, healthy, and colorful too!

Making vegan meals is easy, healthy, and fun. And ordering vegan meals at restaurants is even easier, while also being healthy, and fun! How can you go wrong?

So go ahead and get started! You have a lot of eating and clicking to do!

To improving the world (in 30 seconds!),